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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Andy! It's the big 3-0. Congrats!!!!

10 October 2000 at 1731

shhhhhhhhh.........don't tell any one....... but you have just found a piece of heaven..... yea...right here in Yankeetown..and Inglis...

4 October 2000 at 1706

I graduated from yankeetown school in 93. My mom was the librarian there for a few years. I was glad to hear that Ms. Hayes got the principal job at YTS. She was my 4th grade teacher and she was one of my favorites.

Matt Fleming

18 September 2000 at 1312

old times

i see a lot of stories about the resent passed of yankeetown. i went to elementy school there. i can remember mr. watts and mr markam. i see a lot of storirs about the nature trail well my class was the one who cut the trail and we found the cave, what memories. i picked watermellons for mr. markam when i went to school there. does anyone remember when chris nasts father bought him the trans am and he wrecked it and broke bobbys and mikes backs. do you remember the show down fight between brad and joe on the basketball court. do you remember when leslie came back from summer break and had breasts. boy what memories, oh and the rope swing at the river we put that up. if you remember any of these things please email me. steve ellifson, bobby meckelberg or anyone who knows where these people are now i will check here again bye for now


18 August 2000 at 1539

It's funny the things you remember later. The things you never think of and if it weren't for that spark you probably would never remember. Reading all of these stories has brought back so many memories for me. I lived in Inglis from age 6 to 18, it's been seven years since I left. I think of that area negatively at times, but I guess I never thought of the things like the Halloween carnival and my grandmother would always bake cakes for the cake walk and make me carry them into the auditorium. I remember the anticipation of Field Day and how excited I would get because it was my favorite day of the year. I remember summers were all about swimming, playing and fishing and not much else. It was a fun place to be a kid. Thank you for bringing back those memories. Take care.

Thearon Scurlock

15 August 2000 at 0904

Hello to all, I have not lived in Levy County very long. I do not know alot of people or a really good place to eat. I have been blessed to have know Sue Seely for almost a year.(a very special lady) Today I found a very cute and very good place to eat. The little white and yellow house in Yankeetown. Thank you again Mrs. Seely for lunch.


9 August 2000 at 2149

new principal

August 8,2000 brings about another new change to Yankeetown School....Ann Hayes assumes the position as principal at the school....I am not sure but I think that she is the schools first female principal....she has been a teacher there for many years and has worked her way up to the position. Yankeetown is lucky to have such a qualified person to head up the staff...

Sue Seely

1 August 2000 at 0820

Field Day

Field Day, by any chance? That's what I've always known it as.

Melinda B.

3 June 2000 at 0245


Oh, yeah, I had forgotten about that softball game. What about the annual summer games. I forget what we called it, but I still have a blue ribbon somewhere for the shot put event!

Mike Belmont

2 June 2000 at 0721

Going crabbing

Hi to everyone who might remember me.You might have to search your memory banks because I was very quiet and very afraid of everything and everybody.My boyfriend was very popular and manage to stay in trouble on a regular basis.ESPECIALLY driving fast!We got caught holding hands between classes and ended up in the principal's office.Our punishment,reserved front seats on the school bus the rest of the year.We never had to worry about having to stand on the bus again.The following poem I wrote six weeks before my grandpa died in 1984.In 1998 it was published and now on the internet under hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed living it. MY GRANDPA {1984} My grandpa was a fisherman,he was proud of his chosen life, He raised eleven children,with the help of grandma,his wife. Days we would go down the river and stop at an island to eat, Watched fiddler crabs with excitement,this was a special treat. He taught me how to pull crab traps and how to run the boat, Always be proud of my background,of which I can take note. Stories he'd tell his daughters and sons,he said no one would believe. He saved for us,his loved ones,so we have no cause to grieve. He'd tell about his moonshine stills and crabs that would bite your toe. How the town got started,stories not many people know. Yes,he loved his chosen life,this man so strong,so tall, I thought he knew everything,I thought he had it all. Of course he did you know,big city life not for him! Give him the simple things,like LOVE and GOD to the end. Tina Rollen Richie

Tina Rollen Richie

23 May 2000 at 0227

Annual Softball Game

Does anyone remember the annual 8th grade vs. Staff softball game we used to have? Mr. Markham would pitch, slowly but right across the plate. I remember watching that game year after year waiting for my turn to play in it. Those games are probably one of the best memories I have at YTS.

Melinda B.

19 April 2000 at 2236

smear who??

Hey there's a classic I haven't heard the game smear the queer in years!!!!!!


11 March 2000 at 0450

Wonderful Times

WOW! Reading the stories on this page brings back so many memories. It has cleared up some of the fuzzy ones, and rekindled the lost ones. The amazing thing to me is how much I took for granted the quality of childhood I had. Somebody wrote about the annual halloween carnival. I can still smell, with great clarity, that dry, dusty, old wood and varnish smell that permeated the auditorium. You know, the place where they did musical chairs for cakes. I wonder how many school carnivals have turkey shoots these days? Somebody else wrote about Mr. Newton and his white kharmon ghia. I owe Mr. Newton a great deal. His drafting class influenced my career path. I now own a succesful architectural consulting firm. Someone talked about the rope swing at the bridge. I wonder how many times I swung out on that rope and dropped into the wonderfully cool water. Somebody spoke of the Yankeetown Dodgers. I was a pround member of that team. I remember going to john's pizza after games and playing asteroids. I remember dead man's curve, and how I almost wrecked my dad's truck coming around it. (late from a date) I remember Devon, & Tommy. Devon caught me burning some rubber in front of the circle K. Gave me a stern tongue lashing (& a ticket). I remember Mr. Markham. We had horses and one day I brought my pocket knife to school, the one I used to cut the hay bales with. He sat me down and told me not to bring it again. Would that happen today? I think not I remember playing tennis with a certain young lady. I remember playing smear the queer in the courtyard @ school. Yes I remember the cave, and Mr. Watts. And how I had a schoolkid crush on Ms. Dreeson. I could go on and on, (as if I haven't already) Thank all of you for the memories, I will be coming back often Mike Belmont

Mike Belmont

10 March 2000 at 2015

Visit to Yankeetown, FL

I visited Yankeetown, FL in Feb. of this year. I stopped to see a friend from long ago. It was really great to see my friends & the town. I hope to come back when I move back to Florida! Thank you! Alice


27 February 2000 at 0210

Old pals

I've got an old pal, seem like he's always been there. Remember when i met the kid new in school a little funny acting at first but a friendly soul. New kid in school , so I thought we could be pals, seems like we went to the kp hole and went swimming. Funny thing though we went to the library first and the kid took back about 25 books then he checked out another 40 or so. I believe most of them were Hardy boys mysteries. I thought how could anyone read that much in a lifetime much less a couple of weeks. Strange kid though tried to catch a rattle snake with his big toe but the snake got the best of him. Well time went on and we became good friends. I had always been a kid with a lot of energy and not much brains. Well the kid had some brains and some to spare, by being good pals it encouraged me over the years to become more anylitical of things I am not a rocket scientist mind you but it made me realize I had a little more up top than I had once thought. Well the freindship lasted over the years the kid got me through h.s. algebra and pretty much saved me, never got mad one time when I tapped him on the shoulder for help and not many folks would have done that. Good cookin was his weakness and mom taught him to cook cathead biscuits one of the kid's favoites till this day. We played baseball, gaduated high schoool and one day the old boy ran got married and ran off. Well, we're still good pals, fishing buddies from time to time. Seems like it was a million years ago and we were at my house on a Saturday night as kids playing a game of chess. I reflect on those years growing up and wonder how diffrent my life would be if I had not met my friend. Many folks are put here to help folks along like me and I'm glad to have met my friend. Seems like the older I get the more valuable a true friend is worth. Thanks Andy i hope i can return all those favors one day. looking forward to the next fishing trip...........


18 February 2000 at 2001

Baseball underdogs

Don't you love the story of the underdog??? Well I really do in fact i look for them everywhere. I was fortunate to be a part of a great team back in 1982. I was a player on one of the finest teams baseball has ever seen. But you won't find this team in any baseball alminac, on T.V. or on any webpage. Most folks wouldn't even remember us less than 10-12 folks I hardly ever talk to any more because it has been so long ago. Joe Baylor was the coach and we practiced on the gnat ridden fiels of the yankeetown school 2-3 afternoons a week, seemed like for years. I have to say every time I went I couldn't imgine how we ever won a game even finish at times. But, that big bunch of so called misfits of Yankeetown turned out to be one of the best combinations of players I have ever seen. In the past, Yankeetown teams had been ridiculed and in last place often but not that year. We had a synchronicity that I still can't understand to this day. Seemed like half of us could'nt catch and the other half couldn't hit, and no one could run because we tripped over our own shoelaces when we walked. Some of them didn't have a glove to play much less a leather one. But when it came time to play we were flawless and as perfect as any group could be, close as brothers at times we played the game with every thng we had . Did we win in 1982?? Well almost, we went into 14 innings in the championship game in Crystal River against the Tigers. It was such an intense game that it lasted long into the night and had to be resumed the next day in the 14th inning. It was tied up and literally the bottom of the 14th inning and well let's just say the cutoff man did'nt make the throw. He had one of the best arms because he was the pitcher but that night he was playing second base. Well a run was hit in and that was it our age of innocence was over. No one ever remembers second place but i sure did that was one of the finest times of my life. i reminisced on that moment for a long time and it seemed like a bad memory because the guy who never dropped the ball did. But as i walk through life looking for my purpose I often look back to that little field on the edge of nowhere and would give anything to go back for an hour or so of practice sand gnats and all. Go Dodgers!!!!!!


25 January 2000 at 1645

I remember the days when you could walk over to the Rock Store and get a coke and candy bar from for less than 50 cents and you could get meat in their butcher shop cut to your liking. The best thing was if you didn't get paid that week you could put it on credit which wasn't plastic but a good handshake from Mr. Stephens and your word was recorded in a little record book kept on file behind the counter and you paid it back when you got the money. The days of yanketown school when some of the best times was a game with the big kids on the softball field and Mr. Markham was the pitcher. Seemed like everyone got to play. Some of the best baseball games were played on those fields blood sweat and sand gnat bites were shed for many years on those fields of clay. Lester Green seemed to always be there either coaching umpiring or trying to get that 1920 pitching machine working, where that thing came from or went teases my mind till today we'll probably see it on th eroad show one day. The end of the road on the fourth of july was as unique to Yankeetown as dropping the ball in Times Square. It was a day that everyone forgot thier differences and showed up to support the town and thier country's independence. An all day event that usually began with a parade or a game continued with an all day fish fry and ended with one of the world's finest fireworks programs that has yet to be rivaled in my mind today. Seemed like every year the town would come together and find the money and resources to get those fireworks. it was a holiday that was unique and special to the area that created community and remined us all who lived there that however small be it ever so humbled there's no place like home.............. And yankeetown was and alway's wil be home.


16 January 2000 at 1548

Hello from Ga

Hello Yankeetown/Inglis! Just sitting here at my little place in Atlanta, Ga and wanted to tell everyone hello! Hello and Happy New Year!! P.S. Hey big brother ~ miss ya lots & many hugs to Heather!


5 January 2000 at 1903

Y2K Certification for Yankeetown

Thanks, Mr. E! You found the Y2K bug that we thought could never have an influence on a place like Yankeetown. Looks like we have it fixed, and are ready for another 1000 years of slow moving rivers and sand gnat mornings.


3 January 2000 at 1301

All fixed

I see the problem is now fixed. Now it just looks like my imagination went wild and others will never see the problems mentioned earlier... I swear, there was a problem earlier (LOL)

Mr. E

2 January 2000 at 1617

Y2K, or Y19.1k

Well I guess not ALL of Yankeetown was Y2K ready (LOL). Andrew, when you get a chance, you might want to look at the date code for this storyboard and see wherein the problem lies.

Mr. E

1 January 2000 at 1910

Happy New year!

Happy New Year! Who would've ever thought that someone would ask "Is Yankeetown Y2K ready?". That's the point, it doesn't matter. I'm sure that Yankeetown and Inglis can be prepared for this century and beyond. On the other hand, the nature of this little piece of Florida still begs you to 'Slow Down' and sit under an Oak Tree and remember the 'good ol days' back in the 20th century. To everyone, have a happy new year, and best wishes to all. Mr. E as in 'mystery'

Mr. E

1 January 2000 at 1904

tropical storm josephine

I spent a day in yankeetown in the fall of 1996. I am an insurance adjuster from Baton Rouge, LA. I had a great day and met many wonderful people. The town is beautiful with the river, oak trees and palms. I had dinner at the lodge before going back to St. Pete. I have had a fond memory of the area and plan on returning in the near future. I am sad to see the lodge is gone, I looked forward to taking my wife there one day.


30 December 1999 at 0210

Christmas at Yankeetown

Who remembers Christmas in Yankeetown, early 1970s? I remember going caroling on the houseboat. I cannot remember their names but they lived up near the glass house. Every year we would load up on their huge houseboat and ride down the river singing carols. The same people also had an easter egg hunt at their house. Who else remembers them?

Gladys (Sherwood) Crum

19 December 1999 at 0754

Going past the End of the Road

I remember a particular July 4th when the sky was perfectly clear and the stars were in full, beautiful bloom. The sand gnats and mosquitoes had allowed for the celebration by declaring the evening a "minimum bite" event, and fireworks were to be launched at sundown. Blessed with what must have been one of the best seats in the house, I was laying back in a small boat about 200 yards off of the End of the Road, comfortably nestled between the Withlacoochee and the Gulf like a pendant at the end of one of Dolly Parton's necklaces. With me was a wonderful girl more beautiful than the nature that cradled her, an ample supply of soda and chips and wonderful, young-at-heart dreams of the whole scene lasting forever. And, in a way, I guess it has...

Keith Caudle

2 December 1999 at 2156

The Duck Pond, Granny's Footprint Island, the End of the Road

Remember spending your weekend nights in the backseat of a car at the Duck Pond, Granny's Footprint Island, or at the end of the road?? No lights, very few if any other cars around. Steaming up car windows, watching the stars, discussing the past, the future and everything in between. Doing crazy things and looking back now wondering how in the world you managed them? Losing our innocence to the passion that you only have when you're 16. How intense those nights were! Life was about football games, dances, pop quizzes in algebra, play practice, wearing the class ring of the guy or girl you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with. It's hard not to smile when I think back on those days. What memories...

Cathy Scola

30 November 1999 at 1901