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Barge Canal Boat Races

Looking for information and pictures from the annual power boat races that used to be held in the Barge Canal. Anyone have information on how they were held, where they are now, and what happened to them?


27 December 2004 at 1637

old friends

i lived in yankeetown years ago, and will never forget my time there. i see alot of names that i remember. does anyone remember me? i remember sue seely(if you don't remember me that's cool, but you meant alot to me ) i lived on 61st street next door to joey baylors parents and across the street from paul roach. i hung out with steve johnson(where are you),dennis hurstand doug castell. i had an alley behind my house that led to clyde's store on one side and the kennedys house on the other(hi evelyn) i lived with my dad bob boertlein and my step-mom cindy steele,my step-sister carrie, my brother joey and my sister dad drove a big yellow van with a white cap on top. i moved to cincinnati,oh kind of suddenly and didn't get to say goodbye to anybody. i'm 31 now married and expecting my first child. my father passed away on oct.16 2003 after along illness. he often talked about going back to yankeetown. but his poor health never allowed it.i was able to visit on atrip afew years back and couldnt believe how it hasn't really changed. i'll always remember my life,times and friends in yankeetown, and if anybody does remember me, feel free to email me. if anyone knows steve dennis or doug, tell them i said hi and give them my email please.

chris boertlein

20 November 2004 at 0908


I too once knew Yankeetown. I didn't know they grew like that picture w no discription IMG 1049 = they are gorgeous! Heard Andy was doing very well cujoes glad Yankeetown still there after those huricaines: to come back to even if only this page. aka hollywood *That pic of Coast Gruard station brought back memories.

johnny hollywood

11 November 2004 at 2248

Hi i still live in the area i was hoping someone gould help me find a teacher that i had when i was in yankeetown she was my 3rd and 4th grade teacher her nam is marsha mahn. she was the best teacer around i wish i could get in conntact with here. i will never forget her. so if anyone can tell me where she is let me know.

sherry watson

28 October 2004 at 1304

Sitting here remembering

Hello all! It's been a couple of years since I have been to this site and am glad to have found it again. Andy, its good to see you made it out of Stuttgart! I am up in Kaiserslautern 'til 2007. As I sit over here in Germany, watching the news of the hurricanes, I can't help but remember growing up in Yankeetown. I lived there from 1970/71 until 1986 on Magnolia Ave in the big stilt house on the river at the curve. It seemed we were ALWAYS having a hurricane come through. I finally hunted down some maps of hurricane tracks and their stories did not seem to match mine. Funny how your memory plays tricks on you. Does anyone remember Alaina? They evacuated the town for that one. I must have been about 14 so that would put it in 84 or 85? My dad, like most men around there, stayed with the house but my mom and my grandmothers and I left. I still remember half floating one of the cars off of Magnolia. Mr. Kennedy ran the Cypress Marina then and I remember seeing a clip on tv of him riding around in Alicia's little boat. He took milk to my dad in that boat, if I remember right. How is Yankeetown faring?

Gladys Crum (Sherwood)

2 October 2004 at 2322

How is Yankeetown

How is Yankeetown? Did I hear right that there was another flood? Did the hurricanes destroy anything major? Praying everyone is okay and that our hometown still looks pretty much the same. Marion County where I live now was hit pretty hard but almost everyone has electricity again and we've learned to appreciate the small things in life again.

Evelyn (Kennedy) Meeks

1 October 2004 at 1627

september 2004....will go down in history for florida.... we have been lucky so far...not much damage from hurricanes charley and frances...but this next one...Ivan ....looks know... Tell your hurricane story.... i hope that we all dont have any to tell tho about Ivan....

Sue Seely

11 September 2004 at 0207

Looking for Friends from Yankeetown School

I lived in Inglis/Yankeetown from the 1975-1987. Growing up in Yankeetown was great, I can remember field days, bike-a-thons, halloween carnivals, fireworks at the end of the road, swimming with the manatees in the Withlacoochee river, the spillway, Izaak Walton Lodge, the duck pond and when the Church of God did the baptisims there, but most of all friends. In those years everyone was friends there wasn't the separation of clicks (popular kids, geeks, rednecks, jocks) just friends. I am glad to hear how the town is growing, and was very happy to find this web site of my home town. To anyone who attended school from 1975-1983 I would like to hear from you please email me, lets talk about the good ol' days.

Sheila Hughes

13 July 2004 at 0847

Whoops! I forgot

I forgot to mention that the reason we moved to Yankeetown was because my dad received a promotion and a transfer. He became the Manager of Saxon Petroleum (you know the tank farm on Riverside Drive). We lived in Riverbend Apartments for about two weeks while we waited for our stuff to arrive. It was run by Clyde and Maranee Bowen. My sister, Kim, used to babysit their little girls, Jennifer and Jessica. They are all grown up now. Maranee wore a brace because she had polio when she was a little girl. I remember Clyde used to volunteer as an EMT, I think, because when I broke my leg jumping off of a sea wall, he cut my cast back and put a cast sock on so it would quit cutting into my leg. We had some EMTs come as special guests to our girl scout meeting and show us their ambulance and all of their equipment. They even put us in splints to demonstrate their use so we would not be afraid if we ever needed their help. Funny how later in my life, I became an EMT and worked in the back of an ambulance using those splints and many other devices. I remember riding my bike past the Coast Guard and watching them play vollyball. There were alot of hot guys in the Guard!!! As a little girl, we used to climb the Tanks at Saxon Petroleum. I remember thinking about how high they were off the ground. I remember the divided highway signs. They were funny because if that was what you call a highway, come to Orlando some time. I remember going to the Library during the summer for free story time and activities. I remember the Rock Store and the First Baptist Church of Inglis where I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. I will always consider Yankeetown my home. I love it and miss it greatly.

Julie Prows Connell

9 June 2004 at 0937


I moved to Yankeetown in November of 1979. We lived on Riverside Drive on the Withlacoochee River. We moved to Tennessee in June of 1984. I have some of my best childhood memories from my years in Yankeetown. I found out about this website through Suzanne Tillman. We went to school together along with many other childhood friends. Julie Herrick Cooper, Lorelei Ryan, Rychanne Fields, and many others. I remember swimming in the river, taking the boat out to the Gulf for fishing, going to the end of the road for 4th of July fireworks, and those retched Sand Knats! I remember the Halloween Festivel at Yankeetown Elementary School and the costume contest. Girl Scouts across from the Coast Guard. I remember the Bike a Thons and a little girl named Pepper who always won first place. My teachers were Mrs. Gatanis (3rd grade), Mrs. Mahn (4th grade), Mr. Dotson, (5th grade), and for 6th and 7th grade I had Mr. Newton, Mr. Sturtevant, Mrs. Langley, Mrs. Love, and my favorite substitue, Mrs. Fowler with the beautiful Scottish accent. I am now 33 and married to a wonderful guy named Perry. I have two daughters, Meaghan is 10 and Abigail will be 5 in August. My parents have both passed away but my brothers and sisters are still around. I became an Emergency Medical Technician when I was 19 and kept my license current for 10 years. I am currently working at The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida for the remaining of the summer as a Human Resources Specialist. I now live in Ocoee, Florida. I would love to hear from some of my old friends or teachers 407-654-2792.

Julie Prows Connell

9 June 2004 at 0654

thank you for the memories

I thought I'd take a moment and share something that happened to me due to finding this web site. I wanted to thank you especially Andy for the privilege to get to do something so special for my Mom. One night as me and my mom(Evon Kennedy) were scrolling through the names on your sight here, knowing my mom would recognize some after living in Yankeetown for like 45 years, we came across one that really stood out to my mom. It was an old friend she hadn't seen in many years. Due to the fact that email addresses are included I was able to email her. Soon me and my mom's friend were talking online all the time and she lived in another state. Eventually she came down to Florida and I was able to arrange for her and my mom to meet and have lunch. Sitting and watching the two laugh and talk I saw a side of my mom I don't think I've ever seen before. She was giddy and laughing like a teenager and for those couple hours it was awesome to see my mom the way I seen her that day. For all she's ever done for me, it was awesome to be able to give something back to her. Thank you for all you do for us Andy so far from home needing those little things to remind us. I pray many blessings for you as you have blessed many others. God bless and have a marvelous day.

Evelyn (Kennedy) Meeks

3 June 2004 at 0636

Well I finally found a web sight were the people of Yankeetown can speak, remember, and maybe reunite. My span of time in the Yankeetown area begins in 1979 at birth and stretches to today. I can recognize a majority of the names posted here either through personal memories or through the stories of my father one Capt Bill O'Bry. But the one name i noticed first was Evelyn Kennedy Meeks, the Meeks being added since the last time i saw her. If you are reading this and remeber that i am into art simply google my name to find an old and small sampling of my work. Well, I have to go for now maybe I'll be back soon.

Richard O'Bry

21 May 2004 at 1535

school days

I just wanna say how much I miss how real people are in a small town. I remember Yankeetown like I lived their yesterday. It's hard to believe it's been eleven years. I miss a school that teaches you to appreciate everything you have. I'll never forget archery with Coach Sturtevant. Or singing all those silly songs with Mrs. Gaitanis as she played the guitar. Mr. Watts taking us on field trips through the woods behind the school so we could chart the woods. Man that was cool. We never knew how much they did for us but now I know as I send my kids to school and it's nothing like what we had. I just wanna say thanks. And Mrs. Seely Jacob says hello. We miss you all at Yankeetown School. Don't ever give up, you are the best!

Evelyn (Kennedy) Meeks

11 May 2004 at 1430

As a frequent boater/fisherman out of Yankeetown, it is good knowing that the U.S. Coast Guard is on duty. Thanks to the men and women who risked their lives in that successful rescue.

John W. Smith

19 April 2004 at 1229

Station Yankeetown Rescue

Office of Public Affairs U.S. Coast Guard Seventh District Press Release Date: April 13, 2004 Contact: PA2 Judy Silverstein (727) 824-7564 AIR STATION CLEARWATER RESCUES THREE MEN YANKEETOWN, FLA. : A Coast Guard HH-60 helicopter crew rescued three fishermen early this morning in the vicinity of Yankeetown, Fla. despite high winds and torrential rains. The three residents of Deland, Fla. filed a float plan with a friend and the vessel's owner before setting out yesterday. The boat's owner contacted the Coast Guard at approximately 8:47 p.m. Monday, when he realized his friends were overdue. Despite heavy thunderstorms, a 27-foot boat from Station Yankeetown was launched in tandem with the helicopter from Air Station Clearwater. The Florida Wildlife and Conservation Commission collaborated with Coast Guard crews in the search. As weather conditions deteriorated in the Tampa Bay area, Alvin Gray, 65, Donald Yazell, 63, and Homer McMillen, 65, began having engine trouble on their 18-foot boat. The trio began a five-hour effort to walk and swim their boat into shore, somewhere north of Yankeetown. "Petty Officer Rob Morgan was the rescue swimmer onboard who spotted a fire as we were two-thirds done with our search and rescue flight," says co-pilot Lt. Brian J. McLaughlin. As Lt. Matt Furlong commanded the flight, the crew spotted a flare leading them directly toward the stranded men. The rescue swimmer was lowered and confirmed these were the men reported missing. An FWCC vessel collaborated with the air crew on site, where winds exceeded 25 knots at times. Working cooperatively, crews determined the safest method of rescue was via helicopter hoist. There were no reported injuries. The trio, who had three flares onboard, used two to start a fire on a tiny island in the tangle of mangrove trees near the mouth of the Wacasassa River. They saved the third flare to alert rescuers. "That made all the difference," said McLaughlin. "This is an incredible case," McLaughlin stated. He added the men were rescued at approximately 4:30 this morning. "It's always a great day when you safely rescue people." The fishermen also had personal flotation devices and a Global Positioning System (GPS) onboard. The Coast Guard strongly emphasizes the importance of having safety equipment in good working order. Mariners are encouraged to have the following equipment; a marine VHF radio, life jackets and flares. The Coast Guard also encourages mariners to have working Emergency Positioning Indicator Radio Beacons (EPIRB) onboard, and most importantly enroll in a safe boating course. An EPIRB is a small battery-powered transmitting device used in an emergency when a marine radio is inoperable or out of range. EPIRB signals are detected by satellites that pass overhead and assist the Coast Guard in homing in on your location. ### The U.S. Coast Guard is a military, maritime, multi-mission service within the Department of Homeland Security dedicated to protecting the safety and security of America. ------- i add a cell phone or two --------- Coast Guard Station Yankeetown 1977 vistavar/earthcamtv

John Lawlor

15 April 2004 at 0714


Just stumbled on site.Some of things wrote about in "Archives" just sent chills down my spine.I know some of y'all,and it has been awhile.I too lived in god's country from '78 till '85 when mom got sick with cancer and we had to move back to Ocala for all the Drs. operations,and ultimatly her death.But now ihave a 4 yearold daughter that is learning the fine art of catching Gator trout,and Bullreds.... maybe not the reds right yet! Iwill eventually like to end back up living there, but that is later. On another note...Does any body know Andy Fischer's E-MAIL adress? HAD it a few years ago when I had that web-tv thing,lightning took all that away! Thanks for the info all the way around... HEY LAMAR GET OUT AND GO FISHING 'CAUSE IT'S GOOOOOD FEEERRR YAAAAA!!!!!

Phil Peltot

7 April 2004 at 1039

johnny hollywood aka knoxville

Pamela - did ya see Marcy Topham's post? That was great Andy's mother posted what many of us have known for awhile. I too have gotten inspiration from visitin here, an Andy has a God given gift with the web. I come here now to get away from the big city life. Andy should not have to worry about the bills cause people like him are needed. I have been achieving some success at it; an God willin some of it will come down your way "Andy". Yankeetown is alway's going to be special to me. Coast Guard Yankeetown 1977

John Lawlor

22 March 2004 at 2221


don't you all love what Andy has done... he has made a place for the future... i know that i am his mom... but golly gee...this is ...special... a little known place.... a secret for some of us.... everyday... i ... i am here.. in this place... Gods Chosen Place... let him know that you like this...cuz he will continue this even if he has to ..... float a loan to do it... lol.... ... who will float the loan...God or


18 March 2004 at 1649

Holy cow Yankeetown has a website!!?? My first introduction to Florida was when I moved to Yankeetown. My folks rented a house back in the woods near "dead mans curve" off HWY 40. At that time I remember riding the bus to Dunnellon High with all of the Yankeetown peeps because Yankeetown did not have a high school. A scrappy little dude named "Roy Yarborough" became my friend and official tour guide. Although I was officially a "Yankee", even worse an "NY Yankee" I seemed to fit in OK. I had the hardest time remembering to say "yes maam or sir" to any adult. It truly was the deep south. The most fun was to be had along the Withalacoochee River, either jumping off the bridge of trying to find someone who would take us kneeboarding. Once I played baseball with the infamous "Yankeetown Sand Knats" I was 'in'. There's a certain bond you form when you are on a team that consistantly gets is ass kicked by nearly any other baseball team around - except Inglis! Yankeetown had some cute girls when I was in highschool. I saw Melanie (McCranie) Estrada's name here - you were a real cutie. I dated Sherri Tyler for a little while. She was cute then, but I remember seeing her again after a summer break (I think I was a senior) and Daamn she was Hot! I kicked myself every time I saw here after that. I always wondered what happen to them. Since growing up in there, I moved to the West Coast. I travel back sometimes to visit my folks and have driven through Yankeetown. I always smile.

Billy Morgan

17 March 2004 at 1448

Everybody's life is a story that should not get lost. Send me yours for my column "Back Roads", an insert on Thursdays in the Citrus County Chronicle. I have written the history of this area every week for 7 years. Some day it will go into a book. Your story could also be in that book. I've lived here fo 45 years - I've loved the area and I love you. Sincerely, Betty Berger

Betty Berger

4 March 2004 at 0739


I just found this website today and it is so great to read everyone's memories of Yankeetown. My family founded Yankeetown, they came from up north (hense the name of the town) and settled along the river permanently after only coming down for hunting and fishing there several years. The build the lodge and some of my fondest memories are of eating dinner in the dining room with the family and town's people. We water skied on the river from morning till dark all summers long, and took the old jeep out for rides in the Hammock. And of course Elvis. What a great place to grow up, we never locked our doors, everyone looked out for each other, so much open space to play and let your imagination take you new places every day. I appreciate Yankeetown much more each time I visit. Mr. Cook was principal of the elementary school, then it was on to Dunnellon for High School. We had our 35th reunion 5 years ago (hey, its time for the 40th one) and it was so good to see all the old gang from the graduating class of 1964 (gosh are we that old??). I have been in N Miami Beach for many years now, but hope to settle again near Yankeetown if and when I can afford to retire. Would love to hear from any old friends.

Pamela (Knotts) Stephens

25 February 2004 at 1617

My Memories

My family and I moved to Yankeetown when I was 11 yrs old. My cousin Hale owned an little Marina called Yankeetown Boat Co. We lived across the street so that we can be close. I remember all the shrimpers that would come in from Alabama, Louisiana and from everywhere else in FL. I remember the Fire that destroyed several boats and a store room that had a lot of old memories for my family. I also remember the Christmas parties that my parents us to throw for everyone. They were some of the best times. I also remember the Coast Guard calling in the middle of the night for fuel. There are so many good memories that I could be here forever. I remember going to school at Yankeetown School. I had teachers that were great there. Mrs. Love, Mrs. Langley, Mr. Sturdevent, Mr. Newton ect. Some of those teachers followed to Dunnellon H.S. Swimming in the river and trying to ski. I also remember the old Ogger that use to make it easier for us to load the boats up with ice. The pelicans that would come in the winter and my dad would feed them and he made the Tampa Paper. As I look back there is a person that I do have to honor. She was like a second mother to me and that is Jean Tyler. She was always there working for my mom and dad and she was a faithful friend and employee I miss you Jean and think of you often.

Sue Tillman

12 February 2004 at 1428

Andy>would you please remove at least one of my comments about the Lodge for a PC backdrop on virtual album lol? A double click thing you know. A virtual cam would be nice too, but make sure no one shows a sign where you all are, or the whole world will discover Yankeetown. How about a contact link for Lodge on here? Was that Elvis's "spirit" [Andy] in three fish story an/or Cafferty ghost too? Keep going back to that piece on God-less Yankeetown in storyboard and wish I could talk near as well as you expressed what many think, but could not express as articulately as you did there! I can't spell so no critique needed, but just great to come back to see a new face on this site> BUT liked the old look too..."everyone comes home at Christmas time". Thinking of Yankeetown an one day "sitting on the dock of the bay." - former coastie there >^>

John Lawlor

29 November 2003 at 1959

looking for Knotts family

I am working on my family history/genealogy. My cousins would have been Eugene & Norma Knotts - one of the original families in Yankeetown. They had three children, Tom, Nance & Frank. I wondered if anyone knows where they are now. Are any of them left in Yankeetown? I tried the phone directory and couldn't find any Knotts left in Yankeetown or the surrounding area.

Marcy Topham

15 November 2003 at 1034


yes........ i knew Brian...what a kid... he was in my chapter 1 class and my after school class...LEAP.... he was a kid to remember as was his brother...Billy... I am sooo sadden by this news.... he always had a smile... and when he came in a room........he was noticed... i am glad that he was in my life... Thank you Brian .... for giving the ultimate.... your life... so that we AMERICA could be free... i will never forget you... Mrs. Seely...

Sue Seely

28 March 2003 at 1634


I don't know if anyone from Yankeetown remembers the Buesing boys at all. They were at Yankeetown from about 1991 to about 1997-8. They moved to Cedar Key a few years ago. Billy was the oldest, Brian was the middle boy, and Casey was the youngest boy. They also had a sister named Arielle Steve. I just wanted to inform anyone who knew them that Brian Buesing was killed in combat in Iraq. He was 20. Keep his family in your thoughts, please. I haven't seen them since I moved to Williston in 1996, but I would like to send my condolences to them. If anyone knows them and is in touch with them, please pass on my condolences if you could. Thank you.

Nicole Drury

26 March 2003 at 2234

Looking for Winnermans

I am trying to find some friends of mine that moved to Yankeetown within the last few years. Their names are Craig & Jennifer Winnerman and the last address I have is 4715 Riverside Drive in Yankeetown. If anyone reads this and knows them, please have them email of call me at 615-889-4945. Thanks, Michael White, Nashville, TN

Michael White

18 March 2003 at 1912

A far move from home

I just wanted to say that what I think Inglis/Yankeetown needs is a really cool place to go get great subs and wings so in my attempt to start one last year I ended up in Hernando, FL on SR 200 creating this really great place called Jesse's Subs Wings and Deli, but I still dream of making this place come true in my hometown. I miss Yankeetown and all the people I knew from my hometown, and as I pass through I still picture starting this up one day. If nothing else it's a great dream.

Evelyn Meeks

10 March 2003 at 1927

bloom where you are planted

well........I just want folks to know that I think that this is a great place to live. Small town....caring people.....

Sue Seely

24 January 2003 at 1722

Just Me

Let me begin by saying that I moved to Yankeetown back in the summer of 1958. I was just starting the fourth grade at the elementary school. Yes, there are a lot of memories here. My dad crabbed for a living. We lived with the O'bry's at first. After a few years, we moved to the Old Busby place up in Inglis. About that time, my dad went to work at the Phillips "66", I think, for Mr. Hawthorne. Does anyone remember the old grocery store that Mr. Hawthorne ran? How about the robbery that was thwarted by Mr. and Mrs Hawthorne? What about the time that Elvis filmed that movie "Follow That Dream"? My brother, Arthur, helped build that bridge. He also helped with the bridge over the canal on hwy 19. My kinfolks, why I have quit a few around there. My grandmother and mother and some of her siblings, before moving to Plant City. Their last names are Butler, Hudson, Stephens, Burnham, and Gallion. Everyone knows cousin Buster Hudson. He use to be the Game Warden around there. I can't forget the neelds also. I've heard that they were kin somewhere along the line. I like to go back and hunt and fish whenever posible. When I left in 1966, I just finished the 11th grade in Dunnellon High. I just regret that I didn't Graduate with my Friends that I left behind. I now work with Sprint as a Service Tech. This Jan. 31 will be my 31st anniversary with them. I'm married for 28 years and have two boys, 18 and 21. I would like to hear from old friens and maybe attend a reunion of the class of 67 sometime. Thank You and May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you. Cliff

Clifton Crews

2 January 2003 at 2228

In Memory of William B. Paterson, Jr.

I found this writing in my mom's memorabilia not long ago... William B. Patterson left us. He quietly drifted away In exactly the manner he wanted Rather than a bed ridden stay Like the birds and the flowers in nature Of which Bill was ever so fond, When their service and living are over They slip off to the Great Beyond Bill's early days occupation Was at Mobile, Al I'm told In the sporting goods occupation As well as the hardware he sold Later he went into lumbering Founded by his father before the Paterson-McGinnes Company In Gulf Hammock, not far from our door A bit north where employees were living In the edge of Gulf Hammock's east side That was known as Gun Town to the natives And close by was a train one could ride Now is a good time to mention A young lady descending in stride Down the steps of the train unloading, T'was Ella Mae, Bill's soon to be bride On to the subject of honors And plaques at Bill's home we can see From governors, commissioners and more And the Mason's highest degree Conservation was the subject of several But t'would take too long to recite Including gifts to the disabled and children And our church, his donations weren't slight I will finish with Bill's last donation Which he hoped would help mankind He willed his body to science Then he left the world's problems behind by Janice Whipple

Eric P. Weber

16 September 2002 at 1612

to my uncle

This last weekend my uncle, Cuthbert Kennedy, long time resident of the Inglis Yankeetown area went home to be with the Lord. I wanted to say you will be missed and remembered forever Uncle Bert. I love you.

Evelyn Kennedy Meeks

4 September 2002 at 2040

once, way back when

I lived in Yankeetown for a year after having lived in Crystal River and Live Oak for many years. I married Jon Jeremy Knight. Otherwise known as Jay Knight. This was back in 1994. Small town with a lot of history. I now live in Colorado married to the army. Out here we have BBQ's back there we had fish fries. I miss mostly the seafood festival. I hope all is well and I hope Eric Weber's mom is doing well. I haven't seen Pam in a long time. Stay Dry! I don't miss the flooding though :) Blessed Be

Sharon Sheley

18 August 2002 at 2224


Last year in August, my daddy, and long time resident of Yankeetown died. He loved to fish and loved to watch the water even long after he felt as a commercial fisherman he had lost all of his rights. I will never forget all the drives we took out to the end of the road just to talk about the good ol' days. I will miss him forever. He gave me all the great things a dad could give his child and one of the greatest things was a small town full of a lot of memories. Yankeetown will never be the same to me without my mom and dad being there but it will always a special place in my heart.

Evelyn Kennedy Meeks

29 July 2002 at 2016

Hi, just found this site. I first found Yankeetown in 1998 and after several trips back to look at the area we bought a riverfront lot in Inglis in july of 2000. We are looking forward to building soon and hope to enjoy the quiet of the area. see ya soon.


12 July 2002 at 1359


It was 1998,cold and had been raining outside. We had decided to explore the west coast that weekend driving eight hours north and heading south turning west on every side street from the main highway. There it was "Follow That Dream Parkway" We knew we found our special place the minute we drove down Riverside. Immediately we found the only town realtor and he showed us our vacation home that we now own and love. The realtor asked us how did you find us? We told him it was just our lucky day. It only took a total of twenty minutes exploring the town, driving the same streets in awe! That's not because it a large town, we where enjoying the view from every angle. We have made great friends there and have learned to never tell anyone where our vacation home is in fear that they will come. My boy's have also found the duck pond! The town people can see my family chugging along the river or my boys having a great time exploring the neighborhood on their golf cart. So I will end this story to all outsiders, Your right it is a tight nit town. so, stay away and find somewhere else! You don't fit in because your not wearing REEBOK'S. We love our town!

Jim and Marie

25 June 2002 at 1851

lost friends

I went to school there in the 70's does anyone know where Andy Barns, Steve Ellifson, Bobby Meckleberg can be located. If anyone has info on how i can locate these long lost friends it would be great!!!!! Thanks joe

Joe Seaman

25 June 2002 at 1521


There were three kids named Sam,Quy,and, Greg.


20 May 2002 at 1008

colonial adventure

There was three kids Sam,Quy,Greg.One day there was asked to write a 500 word report.So after school they ran into a antique store.Sam said so go i n so we can see if there anything that will help us with I'LL report.Greg saw a old time machine it said.He said lets go and see if it really works there turned the button to colonial times it worked . sam was busy shopping when they got there while greg and quy was studing lucky sam brought books.It was time to go but sam didnt want to go. But a voice said you are going. It was the teacher how did you get in said greg you left the door opened. They all went home.The kids got the highest grade out of the class.


20 May 2002 at 1016

Fishermen of the Gulf

Im 32 with many memories. My mom tells me of the best place to live in Florida, I thought it was Dunnellon on the withlacoochee,,,,thats another story of my memories, its inglis, crysal river, and yankeetown. Thease is the memories of her. My mom's family is the Lolly's from Flanagan Lolly, my great grand father. He built an island out of oyster shells in Kings Bay in Crystal River, an built a shack, which with amazment to me ,still remains today. He was a master boat builder and a great fisherman. Mom tells me of stories of going to the indian mounds and watching him come in from the bay. Also stories of great storms and watching the bays drain right before they hit land. My mom was a young girl when Elvis came to film follow that dream. She remimbers going to the site and lined up on the fence, along with many others, and as Elvis came to the fence all the young girls ran even my mom. She mentioned also the time you could go to homosassa spings and swim with manatees before the park was built. She also told me that the old Tarzan movies were filmed in Homosassa.--- I plan to get more memories and type them down,,memories of mine and my families---i would like to read any memories on the LOLLY family Flanagan was very popular in crystal river and inglis

Shane Colston

28 April 2002 at 1243

i have seen the duck pound

anet curtain

10 April 2002 at 0440




3 April 2002 at 1711

Good old days!

Yankeetown to me is home, no matter where I live. It is a place that will never leave your memory. I had lots of friends growing up and I dearly loved the school. Recently I visited home and I stopped and peeked in the door of the old school to my 1st grade room. It use to be so large and now so small. It sure brought back some wonderful memories. I was in Yankeetown School in the Era of Mr.Cook and Mrs Daisy Robinson. I graduated from Dunnellon in 1966. There are afew Yankeetown people I went to school with all 12 yrs. For instance, Susan Damron, John Morris, Jim Mashburn, Marion Nell Walker, Doug Robinson, Virginia Neeld,and Genie Lynch.So many memories. Anyway back to Yankeetown. I met my husband now in Yankeetown when I was 14 yrs old. He was visiting his sister and we met at church. So Yankeetown to me is very special. I very seldom get to visit anymore but it will always be in my heart. I told my cousin Gertie Mixson Rose about this website and she has really enjoyed it. Hope to hear from someone from our hometown. Also Mr Markham was my civics teacher in Dunnellon before he came to Yankeetown. He was a wonderful teacher.Many memories about Dunnellon also.

Patsi(Shipp) Burnham

9 March 2002 at 1808


I never knew this site existed..sure took me back a long ways... I remember when our school had no air conditioning, and you got ate up with sand nats all day.. I remember when there was no kindergarden class, I remember when there was no lunchroom or library.. no playground, just tedderball in the middle court.. no yearbook till I was in seventh grade, I remember Silver Lawrence and I came up with the name Yankeetown Sand Gnats, and presented it to Mr. Markham, and how mad everyone was because he chose that name. Gosh.. I remember halloween carnivals, my mom was a witch in one of the haunted houses... I remember Mr. ummmm cant remember the name, sixth grade teacher, playing the flutes... Mr Dodson, our 5th grade teacher, he was quite friendly..Mr. Watts of course, I babysat for him... Mrs. Ice, Mr Newton. Anyone remember the Centenial Celebration at the Isaak Walton? Caroling down the river on christmas... the name was Mrs. Rice. Summer days spent at the Locks, or at the bridge. Sneaking to the rock store before Mr. Watts class cause he wouldnt tell on you... I could go on and on....


18 February 2002 at 2058

Editor,I agree with your ignorant redneck little sister from the county of Inglis, FL Signed, The Bald Pierced Guy from Atlanta

Pierced Guy

16 February 2002 at 1006

Andy's diatribe

Mr. Webmaster: I thought you spent your Sundays half-nekkid, fishing and asking your mom for soda money. What a relief to discover you aren't a heathen savage, after all. Number one Andy fan Deanna


14 February 2002 at 1328

To the editor, Well said! Love, Cindy (your ignorant redneck little sister from the county of Inglis, FL)

Cindy Seely

13 February 2002 at 1251

No God in Inglis

My fondest memory will always be the day Inglis County banned God as well as Satan from its town. Anyone that knows ANYTHING about the Bible knows that without Satan their is no god. Your town will now be forever known as "the most god-less town in the USA" Enjoy yourselfs and may God have mercy upon your souls.

Editor's Note: Your memory obviously has nothing to do with your personal experience in the area. Furthermore, you should get your facts right, or at least your spelling, before you start.

  1. Inglis is a town, not a county. Do your geography homework.
  2. The bipolar nature of good and evil requires that each depends upon the other to exist. In the same way that one cannot appreciate a hot shower on a hot day or a cold ice cream on a cold day, so too one cannot appreciate a good act without the knowledge of its inverse. The Bible discusses Satan as a fallen angel, implying a time before the act of falling ... and thus a time before Satan. There is no mention of time before God. The Bible does, however, discuss influences of negative power before the existence of Satan. The idea of good and evil pre-date Satan, as does God. Read your bible before you try to quote it.
  3. 'their' is possessive plural. I suspect you mean 'there'. Your grade school English and, presumably, our tax dollars at work.
  4. 'god' should be capitalized when referring to the Christian Deity. Even Muslims get this right.
  5. 'yourselfs' is not a word in the English language. I suspect you were trying to say 'yourselves', the proper third-person plural pronoun.
  6. The obvious sarcasm of wishing upon the town God's mercy is the invocation of the Deity without sincere purpose. If you may be quoted, "Anyone that knows ANYTHING about the Bible knows" that using the Lord's name in vain is not exactly encouraged.

A self-styled artist/intellectual such as yourself would probably not understand the insults you may deserve, if this is the best you can do in a public forum. How about a deal? I'll keep from insulting you in public, and you lay off my hometown. It may be flawed, but it's mine and I won't stand for pompous idiots lathering pseudo-intellectual, autoerotic, misspelled spew over my home and my people.

Oops, I guess I did insult you. Maybe Inglis will remain "the most marbles-mahoney-less town in the USA."

Andrew Seely, webmaster and self-professed Ignorant Inglis Redneck.
1 February 2002

Marbles Mahoney

29 January 2002 at 1752


My memories go way back. I went to Yankeetown school first grade thru eighth grade. I was born in 1946 so I guess I started school about 1952. I told you it was way back. I remember Mr. Cook the principal and my eighth grade teacher. He was the best. I remember Mrs. Daisy Robinson. She was tough but a good teacher. I lived between Lebanon Station and Inglis most all of my school years. I graduated from Dunnellon High in 1964. Then moved to Tallahassee, got married and raised a family. My cousin, Patsi (Shipp) Burnham told me about this website. One of my best memories of growing up in the area was when Elvis Presley was making the movie Follow That Dream. My mother took me down to the old house where part of the film was made in Inglis. He signed my autograph book and poked me in the ribs. Of course I cried and the girls that were with me couldn't even take a picture even though they had a camera. We were too shook up! Then me and my cousins, Patsi, Jean and friends Frances and Sallie Mae Strawn were on the back of our pickup truck. We went down to the end of the road to try to see Elvis. On the way back while crossing the bridge, we were looking for him on the left when someone hit the side of the truck. It was him sitting on the railing. He knew we were looking for him so he made sure we saw him. We all screamed our heads off. I'll never forget those days. My sister also went to Yankeetown school all her life and she was born in 1932. Her name was Thelma Collins. She moved to Tallahassee when she was 18 or 19, married and raised a family also. We both still live here. I'm sure she has some great stories she could tell. If anyone reads this that remembers me, please email me. It will be great to hear from someone.

Gertie (Mixson) Rose

21 January 2002 at 2023

Looking for Jeremy

Jeremy Mchesney, don't make me hunt you down.


9 January 2002 at 0403

Hello, folks

Hey, I'm not sure if anyone here remembers me. I went here from Kindergarten up throught 7th grade, when I moved to Williston, Florida. I joined Band up there and played the French horn. We used to play Dunnellon High School, and during my Junior year, we had a Band Officer meeting, and I met up with Aaron Parker, who was the drum major and a trumpet player for the DHS Band. It was great seeing him again, because I had not seen him for about 4 years. I saw him again last year (when we were seniors). It was strange thinking that we had pretty much grown up together, and I saw him that many years later. I have also met up with Jeny Ptuyac again. I saw her at CFCC one day and we both recognized each other right away. She went to North Marion High School, and it's amazing how much we talk and reminisce about Yankeetown and remember some of our old friends. Oh, and I don't know who remembers my brother, Jon Drury, but he plays trombone in the WHS Band. They came down and played at the Veterans' Day Program in the gym, and my mom went too, and said it was great. I was disappointed that I couldn't go, but I had school that morning. I wish I still could have been in high school for this one! I would have loved to play for that!

Nicole Drury

20 December 2001 at 2242


well, t.j. knight is my b/f and he used to go to yankeetown school. thats all i have to say. he said it was a pretty good school, but now he is not in school. yep, hes a loser. but guess what... i love him anyways. well, thats all!

sarah kirk

13 December 2001 at 1947


My mother Gladys Eldridge bought Riverbend apartments on Riverside Dr. in 1985. My family and I moved from Massachusetts to get away from the cold and lived there for five years. The motel was right on the Withlacoochie river, I can remember the manatees use to swim by in a group, if they swam close enough to shore you could stick you hand in the water and touch them. I also remember the alligators were really bad, my mother would not let us swim in the water, but we use to sneak down into the boat slip to catch crabs with our fishing nets. I remember all the kids in the neighborhood that we use to play with, The two closest were Rushelle and Doby Wannamaker, I also remember Erica Rolliston and Adam and Evon Baker. I miss climbing the loquat trees (I might of spelled it wrong) and eating to many. I also remember sneaking over the fence at the Saxon tanks and playing. I miss riding my bike to the rock store and buying cinnamon flavored toothpicks. I just read all of the storyboard and I can't believe some of the teachers I had are still there. I had Mr.Watts for Science class, Ms. Patterson, Ms. roach (who I received lots of paddles from), Ms. Schlachter (another teacher who liked to paddle me), and the Sturdevants. I liked them the most, probably because physical education was my favorite class and I can remember receiving the presidential award for physical fitness two years in a row. I can still remember field day like it was yesterday and I still have an album with blue, red and green ribbons from different events. Well I have reminisced long enough, I am hoping that someone on this storyboard either attended school with me, lived in my neighborhood or might of went to Kids of the Kingdom with me ( the free church after school program) and remember me and these memories. Here is a list of names I can remember, Kimberly White, Danielle Beaver, Rebecca Conway, Jody Lane, Brandy Alfred, plus any students who may of attended Zula's art school with me, thank you, and I look forward to more stories on this site.

Tanya Eldridge

23 November 2001 at 1045

911 day

I've been saving to retire to Yankeetown someday and now the world has changed overnight. The days before America was attacked will look like the good old days now. We all lost any innocence we may have had left with so much violence already in the world. I am sad that man has not progressed into the 21st century civily as our technology has. The Miami Herald had a good article Sept 12 by a Lenonard Pitt. I highly suggest going on-line to see it. Proud to be an American.

John Lawlor

17 September 2001 at 2038

Bike a thons, and field day

I remember the Bike a thons.Those were so much fun...Mr Pulford brought me home from that one time. Sure do miss him! He was such a caring teacher..Its weird now to see that some of the people that were at Yankeetown School when I was are still there..I loved field day too. Now when ever possible I take that day off and go to the school to watch my son participate in field day..Love this site Andy!!

Rachel Tully Wildey

16 March 2001 at 2257

Thanks for the memories

As I was growing up in Yankeetown, I could not wait to leave. Now all I want is the "good old days" back. My grandmother owned the Yankeetown General Store from 1985 to about 1999 and I remember getting up early to count shrimp for the dedicated fisherman and how, like the rock store, credit was your word, not a piece of plastic. Everyone knew their neighbor and was willing to help if the need arose. Now that I live in the city, I miss that easy going way of life. I miss the annual Seafod Festival (even if it did make my life miserable for a week) and the St Jude's Bike-a-Thon. Thank you for setting up this site and letting people remember the good about this little town.

Stephanie Simons Coleman

14 February 2001 at 1839

One Priviledged Childhood

My parents executed a reverse immigration in my twelveth year, settling for my father's retirement in the third world country known as Yankeetown. While not a child of the streets in the classic sense, the transition from life in NYC to our masonry block house behind the Presbyterian manse was initially bumpy; there were kids in the 1972 eighth grade class in Yankeetown School who delighted in reminding me I was "a Yankee" and kinda "tawked funny" at that. It was in that class I met Mr. Markham's paddle and joined the throng of adolescent boys who tried to torque Mrs. Runnels to the point she'd paddle us. A lovely plan except when she delegated the job to Mr. Markham. This was Yankeetown school before the cafeteria bldg, before the trail through the woods, before portables, when the U-shaped building with shining hardwood floors handled all that was needed. A passion acquired in my previous life was the game of soccer, and when it came time to play that during PE, I found I was the only boy who'd done it before. Once while playing goalie, I saved a shot made by Tom Cannon, who outsized my scrawny frame by a good margin. This didn't deter Tom, who picked me up, still clutching the ball, and threw us both into the goal. Fired me up. Tom turned and walked away while I ran up behind him and tackled him, as best I could. He stood, pushed me off, and belted me once good enough to send me reeling. That was all Mr. Hicks, the PE teacher, saw when he finally turned his attention back to the field. Neither he nor Mr. Markham would believe I started the fight, kind of, and Mr. Markham told me, "son, you ought not to start a fight with someone who can whip you." Tom and I got on fine after that and he eventually married Libby Thompson, a good friend in my class at Dunnellon High. Uncle Terry, better known as Terrence Peterson, was pastor at Parson's Memorial and our neighbor. His 6ft 3" frame, punctuated atop with a meticulously shaved scalp, somehow could draw itself up into his green Kharmen Ghia during his daily rounds. He was a regular visitor to our house, sharing an afternoon scotch and water with mom or a joke with dad and keeping me in a steady supply of books like "Chariots of the Gods", books on topics like UFOs, poltergeists, Sasquatch sightings, Edgar Cayce - not the usual stuff one would expect from a man of the cloth. Church was a place to hear the latest, or the latest version of the latest. The Sunday after a trio of bored teens were cautioned by a Levy Cty Sheriff deputy that the water tower area was off-limits, a lady turned to my parents and asked if they'd heard about the 3 boys swimming in the water tower. In the water tower - we'd not made it past the first diagonal rod intersection, not 12 ft. off the ground! Another time, a 1-1/2 ft. long baby gator caught in the swamp was released in the pond behind the church, Lake Richard. By the next Sunday, the critter had a length in excess of 5 ft. as reported by regular pond swimmers (sorry, Mrs. Fischer, the other boys wanted to turn it loose in the Port Inglis Lodge pool - I thought the chlorine might hurt it). Too late we realize we were touching a piece of history, surrounded by the recollections of those who can be called settlers and founders. Bill Patterson, who I did yard work for, Nelson Robinson, our neighbor who had the most amusing pronunciation of the store "Western Auwtoe" and my mom's good friend Janice Whipple, one of the most courageous people I've known. Mr. Fugate who taught me to tie a fishing line knot. Bill Fisher who daily travelled Riverside Drive atop his Snapper mower. Eugene Knotts who let me fish off his deck at the Glass House while he showed (and sold) my parents our house. And the physical reminders - not long after my first visit to the ruins of the hotel at Port Inglis, it burned, and now the overgrowth is reclaiming even what was left. But history is what you make it. And when you make it. We've each made a little in our own way. No one is going to waterski behind the Coast Guard boats in the river again. Chase comorants and coots in the river in a wide open speedboat. Put the boat up on the Izaak Walton dock while doing it. Blast Led Zeppelin from the 8 track player on the way to the slab or pioneer cistern to meet the gang. Catch and keep more redfish then you'd ever really want to clean. One last thing - does anyone remember a 1972 Plymouth with a unique custom paint job tooling around town? Dolphin on the trunk, sunburst on the hood and a prism with light spectrum (inspired by the Dark Side of the Moon album cover) across each side, all on a blue metal flake background? This was Billy Busbee's finest artwork, and I wish I still had that car, although the shag carpet glued to the headliner would probably have to go. God bless and happy memories to you.

Eric Weber

31 January 2001 at 1151


This is the first time I have been to this site and I would like to thank everyone who put this together. You all have brought a smile to my face and a lump to my throat, refreshed memories and brought back forgotten ones. Like Mr. Markham, Mr. Watts, memories of Field Day, and being one of the few girls who played softball during recess. It even brought back a memory of a bike-a-thon I rode in that started at the school and wove its way through the streets past homes I can still remember riding by but never knew who lived there. The story of the three fishes brings back memories of fishing with my stepdad at the spillway, catching gars. Going for boat rides with my parents and stopping at the little strip of sand that I called a beach close to the end of the road. I have missed being there, even though it has been almost 20 years, sometimes a memory makes it feel like yesterday. Thanks again... I feel like Santa gave me a gift finding this site. Thank you!

Sheila Miracle

22 December 2000 at 2233

looking for old friends

can anyone help me im looking for old friends that i went to school there with. Steve Ellifson Bobby Meckleberg Andy Barns If anyone has info on these old friends please contact me at Thanks Joe Seaman

joe seaman

16 October 2000 at 1435