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Deadman's Curve

I believe Deadman's Curve is on hwy. 40 a couple miles west of the 336 turn off. It is in Marion County, but right at the Levy County line. Unless there's another curve with that name I never learned of...


6 October 2006 at 0044

My friend and I are having a debate over exactly where Deadman's curve is in Inglis, Fl. Can someone tell me the road and nearest interesection in order to settle this? Further, is it in Levy county or Marion?


4 October 2006 at 1518

does anyone know what happened to mr. gatton ??

26 September 2006 at 1836


Hi, I don't know if anyone knows me, but Im Larra Townsend. I went to Yankeetown School and I'd like to let everyone know that I just found out that our devoted PE teacher, Mr. Gatton, has gone missing. Please, if you pray, do so for him. He is missing, and they haven't found him yet. Please have him in your prayers. He is extremely devoted to the kids and to the sports. Thank you.

Larra Townsend

26 September 2006 at 1737

what happened to Amber Major?

24 September 2006 at 0925

Hello there old friends

Hello Rychane and Leslie. Rychane I sent you an email did you get it? I never had Mr. Dotson for class but I remember stories about him. Also, you guys might want to check out she has a DHS Alumni site with a great message board. Hope all is well. Sue Tillman

Sue Tillman

21 August 2006 at 0919

Hi Leslie!

Yes, that was Mr. Dotson who was attacked by the alligator. I might drop you line at your email address.


18 August 2006 at 1803


I hope some of you remember me. I recognize lots of names on this storyboard and site...Sherri Tyler, Sue Tillman, Rychane Fields, Melanie McCranie, Andy Seely, Jimmy Tourigney, Gary Stevens, Gladys Sherwood. Hope you all are living well. Love to see the pictures of days gone by. Haven't been to Inglis/Yankeetown in years. Does anyone know anything about the teachers of the 1970s and 80s, who moved, who passed away, who is still teaching? A couple years ago I heard something about a man who was in the river in Dunnellon with his dog and was attacked by a gator, I could swear it was Mr. Dotsun!

Leslie (Beasley) Deakins

16 August 2006 at 1837

Check out the photo ones added..they may be at the end of the list of photos...see if you are there....memories....these were the good ole days...(for some of you)....enjoy... more to come :)

16 July 2006 at 0559

just to let all you old sandgnaters..... this year Mrs. Fowler retired...... Yankeetown was so blessed to a little bit of Scotland at the school... she will be missed by the students and her co-workers and parents too... she is what Yankeetown is ....she is the heart and soul.... and I say that in present tense.... because she is still there....will always be there...her spirit is there.... so if you happen to see her... maybe you could let her know what she meant to you........ I know that she meant and means the world to me........ an admirer

7 June 2006 at 0859

Hi all - I grew up in Yankeetown and visit this site every so often to see how things are. A colleague sent me the article regarding the development in the paper and I just wanted to ensure that everyone knew that - to the best of my knowledge - that developer is no relation to the Sherwoods who lived on Magnolia Ave (1970-1986). I loved it there and don't want anyone to get my family mixed up with him. I am currently deployed to OIF and still living in Germany - Take care all.

Gladys Crum (Sherwood)

2 June 2006 at 0610


My family moved to Inglis in 1981. I started Yankeetown school in 5th grade (Mr. Dotson) and then went on to Dunnellon High class of '89. I was surprised to find my name mentioned in the archives by Julie P. I have no idea what heppened to Lorelei, I'd love to find out. I married a great guy from Crystal River in 1995 and we now live in Gainesville, FL with our two sons ages 5 (almost 6) and 2. Some may remember my sister Michelle Fields, she moved to Gainesville in 2001. It was great to read the postings from Melanie McCranie Estrada. I think everyone loved her. I used to go to her house after school and help her with her chores! It's weird the things you remember! Bike-a-thons, field days, Halloween carnivals, Christmas parades, working at the Food Ranch. Lots of great memories!

Rychane (Fields) Marsac

19 May 2006 at 1509


My dad loved to fish and I indirectly grew up in Yankee Town at the Isaak Walton Lodge. We lived in Largo, Fl. but would go fishing at the lodge at least one weekend a month for many years. We became good friends with the Williamsons who owned it back then (I think in the 70's)and "Eaglesoup" who use to sit on the pourch there and tell stories. What a great place to spend time!


17 May 2006 at 0756

The Grumpy Clown

I'm not actually from Yankeetown -- nope, I grew up in the big city of Crystal River!! I only remember visiting Yankeetown once, in eighth grade, with my friend Tameka, to participate in the Yankeetown Middle School Halloween Party. I don't actually recall how I got there and while I could easily direct someone to Inglis, Yankeetown remains lost in time and space to my memory. I half suspect it's an imaginary land with its rivers and glass houses and its curious name, but I admit I could be wrong. Anyway, at the Halloween party I met a grumpy clown named Meghna, a classmate of Tameka's, who I have become lifelong friends with. I can't remember what Tameka's costume was, nor who won the costume contest, but I'll never forget the colorful, glowering clown!


13 May 2006 at 0558

the shop

Hey Sue. Yeah, I miss Mom, too. Yesterday was 4 years. Can't believe time has gone by so fast. It is really hard when I want to ask her something about the past. Does anyone remember Tony's Pizza that was next door to my mom's shop? They had the best pizza and Italian subs.

Sherri (Tyler) Adams

25 April 2006 at 1227

sherri did not know that your mom had that shop...

12 April 2006 at 1157

I miss my ole town

Its been about 8-9 Years now since i moved from Inglis to Saint Louis Missouri.. I miss it out there so much.. Wanna say hi to my Grandma Tina Rollen Richie

Shelly Catron

6 April 2006 at 2017


Sherri, I remember that is how my mom met your mom by doing ceramics. I also remember her driving her old car and it had been years since she had the oil changed. She was a great lady Sherri and you and Jeff were lucky to have her a mom she was like a 2nd mom to me and I miss her and I think of her often. Hope things are well

Sue Tillman

27 March 2006 at 0850

Good Times

I remember the first time I met Melanie McCranie. My mom used to own a ceramic shop right before the barge canal bridge and Mel's mom, Sally New, used to come in to do ceramics. Mel and I became fast friends and became inseperable after that. I remember Mel, Tammy, Darryl and I would take turns roller skating on the cement slab across the street from my mom's shop. "Scott Baio forever!!

Sherri (Tyler) Adams

16 March 2006 at 1405

New email address

Would love to hear from old classmates and friends from Yankeetown and Dunnellon. Class of 1966

Patsi Shipp Burnham

9 March 2006 at 1930

2 March 2006 at 0629

The Islands

The article in the paper last week by Betty Berger spoke of some named island of the CR and Withalcooche off shore areas. I find many fisherpersons who have names for which I can not find a map to support the names. Is there any map you knkow of that has a fairly good coverage of the Islands names?

Phil Rittgers

20 December 2005 at 1336


WELL IM BACK AGAIN.WISHING I COULD SEE ALL MY OLD FRIEND AND CLASSMATE FROM ELEMENTARY AND HIGHSCHOOL. I REMEMBER MOST ALL OF YOU AND MOSTLY FONDLY.I FORGOT ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO EMAIL ME IS WELCOME YANKETOWN WAS MY would love to hear from any of my old classmates.yankeetown was the place for fishing and crabbing and shrimping.please email me im edna lucinda kennedy brown.spent half my life time in yankeetown.

edna kennedy brown

3 December 2005 at 2037



edna kennedy brown

1 December 2005 at 2045


Will My teacher ms.Knight


29 October 2005 at 1526


Wow so Ms Teen and the teach are getting hitched? We all knew that they were -you know, i guess that her smarts were like we figured. Miss you all and will be back in the area at christmas yea haw.


22 October 2005 at 2154

Thanks for Your Service to America

Gary, thanks for your service to all Americans in Afghanistan. I agree with your assessment of the press/media. I would suggest that you ignore the negative news, and that you realize that most Americans (and in my opinion all patriotic Americans) support our military's efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. It has been over 1500 days since we were attacked on American soil, and you're a big part of the reason for the enemy's inability to strike us here. Your fighting over there helps keep the majority of Americans safe here, and I can tell you that most people appreciate all you and your buddies are doing. Thanks, and when you get home if you'd like to catch some red fish here in Yankeetown, let me know. Thanks again, John

John Ward Smith

22 October 2005 at 0628

I Can't wait to get home

I just went under four months left in Afghanistan. I have never seen so many poor people with nothing to even build a living with or at least not for ten years from now. The poorest person in YT has a mansion compared to the mud houses they live in. I feel sorry for the young children but not after 10 yrs old they will kill you in a heart beat. I miss our little town so many of the memories that people have shared have brought the homesicknees and a smile to me I have been there since 1992 and never knew about the caves behind the school I will have to visit it when I return. For a small town we have so much to offer I cannot understand why some have decided to call it the boring little town. Kids have plenty to do if the get away from there electronics and re-live the history of OUR TOWN and even the surrounding communities. We have history and we are making history everyday in the quaint little town. Bless all of you and keep the support of our troops up. We battle everyday with the negativity of the news and sometimes we shoot ourselve in the head. We do dumb things sometimes and for this reason I believe the media should be kept away and let you here only the good news, that we are making a difference in the world.

Gary Spear

21 October 2005 at 1940

Looking for Melanie

Hi everyone. I stublmed on your site by "google-ing" an old friend's name. I am searching for Melanie McCranie. We were in the Air Force together stationed in San Antonio. Last I talked to her she was in Nebraska and about to have a baby. Does anyone know anything more recent and how to get in contact with her? I miss her! Thank you ... Cori

Cori Moore

13 October 2005 at 1956


Yankeetown is where my grandmothers family originated. They had a homestead near the river. The home still stands today, preserved by many of the Runnels children. My grandmother, Florida Faye Runnels Giorgetti is 93, and living in Mandarin, Florida. I remember walking down dirt roads picking up bullet shells, and listening to the roosters crow. Every house was a relative's home. Today, some have passed on, but a few of the brothers and sisters are still there, in Yankeetown. It is our heritage.


2 October 2005 at 1001

Time Flies

WOW seens like yesterday i was walking the halls of YTS causin' trouble with Garrett, Saun, and Aaron. I am only 17 and I feal 71. Looking back at the good old days, It feals like it was the other day i was going to Daytona with Amber Major, but now she is geting married with are old principle, Mr. Bock. life has it's twists and turns, Alot of the peaple i went to YTS with would know me if they walked into me; and neither would I. I was nobody at YTS but i went on to CSMS and DHS and FHS. I made a statement where ever i went, football track, i was the man. But i pissed away my grades and a chance to play college football. so my dad pulled me out of high school, and i am geting my GED. here in the next month i am going to the Army. Some time in the summer of next year i will be in Iraq. WOW time flies

Adam Bergdoll

27 September 2005 at 0921

Graduate from Yankeetown (from the 8th grade)

Well, I graduated from Yankeetown Middle into Crystal River Highschool just last year (2004) and it was awesome! Yankeetown Middle holds alot of memories. Mostly my basketball, volleyball. I also like the fact that there was the Fall Festival, the Speech Contest and everything!

Larra Townsend

25 September 2005 at 1837



17 September 2005 at 1933

hey every body

yankeetown is the best school ever every thing there is awesome my friends marquis cook chris obry and some others and all the past students such as sherry ray they are the best. shout out to mrs steinberg #1 hommie 4 sho mr sturtevant[awesome favorite teacher] mr gatton thanxs 4 all the good games and tournaments mr prescott u da best mrs mcgee i miss her alot those are all my favorite teachers and friends so shout out to yall. ive been there since 3rd grade now i am in my 8th grade yaer and i will miss everything about the school. it has changed alot since ive been there so ima holla at yall always love chris m

chris m

10 September 2005 at 1409

How easy we forget

I grew up in Inglis/Yankeentown almost all of my life. We moved there when I was about 2 years old. I forgot so many things until I found this site. I started Kindergarten there in 1983 and did not leave until I went to High School, eight (at the time long years). Reading this site brought back so many memories. After reading everyones stories I went and pulled out my old year books (remember the ones that cost like $7.00 dollars). That brought back even more memories. Anyone remember Ms. Risher we thought she was so mean, I ran in to her a few years after high school and you know she still remembered me. I thought that was cool. And Ms. Stewart she was my Kindergarten teacher, where else but Yankeetown would your Kindergarten teacher send you a High School Graduation card. Remember the old basketball court had the falling down brick wall around it. Ms. Price's eight grade trip to Washington D.C. I still drive by the old school when I visit my family in Inglis and am blown away by how much it has changed. Would love to hear from anyone who graduated from there around "91"

Jennifer (Petrovich) Spivey

24 August 2005 at 2017


Sand Gnats!! That's a memory I don't think any of us will forget. Other than that Yankeetown was a good place to go to school. I think of how simple things were then, although they didn't appear that way then. Gladys there was a storm in 1985 Alaina, I remember very well. My baby sister wasn't born just yet and that storm hit Cedar Key. That was probably the closest we came until last fall I live in Dunnellon and we dealt with Jeanne and Frances no power,etc. but we were still very fortunate compared to many areas around the state. Yankeetown was a simple litte town back then, but today it looks like its facing the same things other areas have...growth, driving home yesterday from a fishing trip in Crystal River I see all the real estate signs and realize we will always have our memories of that simple time. Field days and Halloween carnivals at Yankeetown school,, don't call it Halloween anymore!! Friends, Sherri Royster, Carol Bohrer, Gladys Sherwood,Chad Williams, Mike Woods, Brian Ledsome, James Fowler, Sherry Watson, Vicky Valentine, Terri Dove, Alicia Kennedy, Jackie Ray and many more!!!

Pam Lanier Drew

26 June 2005 at 1112


I rode thru Yankeetown today and couldnt believe how things are not much different than when I Lived there in 1945.I went to the rock school house there.It has been built on to.I remember the old rock store in Cracker town How I used to go there to buy candy.Its all boarded up now.All the roads were sand roads then.I lived not far from the Issak Walton Lodge. It is sure different now. My Grand Parents Oklay and Dessie Harmon were some of the early familys to live in Yankeetown A long with my Dad Walter and his sister Wilma . Wilma was hit by a car driven by Mr. Studebaker owner of the studebaker automobile manufacture and killed in about 1930. Walter passed away in 1979 at Port Richy Florida. I live in Brooksville now but have great memorys of Yankeetown. I remember how there was big pig roast at the camp ground in Yankeetown and the wild hogs would come out of yhe woods and run every one off.All so the big rattle snakes would set up house keeping in the wash house there at the camp ground and the ladies would be afraid to go in there to do their laundry. Back then the bamboo was so thick around the camp ground and different places--to thick to walk thru but we made our own fish poles out of them. Alvey and Nettie Canfield ,and Clearence Canfield were kin to me and they were one of the early families living in Yankeetown in the latter 1920s and early 1930s.

Dick Harmon

18 April 2005 at 1718


For those who don't know, the last exerpt was from my sister Edna Kennedy, now Brown is added. She forgot to add the maiden name. Anyways, after reading a local newspaper this week for Yankeetown, I now understand how gossip starts. For those who have your own opinions, I think you should be careful how you state them. To those who state them without caring, I hope and pray you will understand the grief you put on someone dealing with a great loss. I have always loved Yankeetown but had forgotten how hurtful the things said in a small town could get. Louise, I love you with all my heart, you are the best little sister I could ever have and my heart goes out to you. Always know I am there for you any time of day or night, I'm right here, just a nextel click away. I love you sis. You are the strongest person I have ever met.


3 March 2005 at 0505


Well it was the nicest town to grow up in.Iwas born in yankeetown.Iwent home last week i had to go to my dads grave and just ride around and go down riverside drive.its still the best place to raise children.I Remember going to yankeetown school.Itwas a great school we had great teachers .My favorite was Mr pulford .I know im not the only one. i love Yankeetown i have years of memories and most good ones. Edna


2 March 2005 at 1635

o yea

i never thought there was a worse place than yankeetown till i got to ft sill so till next time feild artillery kicks ass..... out!

robert vorisek

27 February 2005 at 1238

join the army

hey guys you need to get more people from there to get off there bums and get a job and to stop sitting around and doing nothing all the time. sorry to miss the hurricanes ha ha hope it was fun without the power for alot of you i was in ok ft sill training for my all need to add more pics to this site . i dont know why you want to advertise this little town really when i lived there i hated the tourest and how slow they used to drive. and to the marine patral and all the pricks on 51st through 61 street you need to get off the kids backs and let them have fun and ride four wheelers and stuff who are they hurting!!!!! not only that the last thing yall put in for the kids was that stupid ball park at the spill way come on at least put some thing in thats fun like a skate park?!?!?!?! and people need to get a life. well thats all i have to say except hey to evey one who knows even if i dont like u!ill be gone for a year soon to do my tore in iraqe but ill be home before then... ♣ ☻ ☺ ♦ ♣ ☻


27 February 2005 at 1234

My E-mail address has changed from to Still in Leesburg, Still working for the phone company, Sprint. My daddy Robert, is still living and so is my older brother Art, and my sister Dianne. My mother and younger brother Dinnis have past on.

Clifton W. Crews

21 February 2005 at 1609

4 years in Yankeetown

I moved to Yankeetown in July 1978. I had just graduated from seminary and had been called to be pastor of the Community Ev. Free Church, which had split from the First Baptist Church/Inglis over some trivial matter of personality, I suppose. :-) For the first 3 years we worshiped at the Yankeetown Woman's Club on 56th St, which happened to be next door to the house we lived in during our years there (on the corner of 56th & Riverside). Eventually the church bought land and built on the north side of SR 40, just into Y-town from Inglis. During my years in Y-town I made friends and learned about local government (serving on the town council my last year or two there). My two oldest boys (now 26 and 25) were born in Gainesville at Shands Teaching Hospital and are, I suppose, forever Florida Crackers. In 1982 I moved back to the Midwest (where we have pleasant things like -40 degree windchills!). Except for the sand gnats and the infernal heat from May through September, my memories of Yankeetown are great. What a pleasant surprise it was to run across this website.

Rich Pleva

21 February 2005 at 1455

Remembering the Gabriel family

My parents and brother past away on Feb. 13, 2004 I would like to say that I hope you are still happy I will take care of our homes my mom wrote FOLLOWED OUR DREAM on this storyboard I Love them a lot


17 February 2005 at 1651

Remembering the Gabriel family

My parents and brother past away one year ago on Feb. 13, 2004 I would like to say that I hope you are still happy I will take care of our homes my mom wrote FOLLOWED OUR DREAM on this storyboard I Love them a lot


17 February 2005 at 1649

Barge Canal Boat Races

Looking for information and pictures from the annual power boat races that used to be held in the Barge Canal. Anyone have information on how they were held, where they are now, and what happened to them?


27 December 2004 at 1637

Hi i still live in the area i was hoping someone gould help me find a teacher that i had when i was in yankeetown she was my 3rd and 4th grade teacher her nam is marsha mahn. she was the best teacer around i wish i could get in conntact with here. i will never forget her. so if anyone can tell me where she is let me know.

sherry watson

28 October 2004 at 1304

Sitting here remembering

Hello all! It's been a couple of years since I have been to this site and am glad to have found it again. Andy, its good to see you made it out of Stuttgart! I am up in Kaiserslautern 'til 2007. As I sit over here in Germany, watching the news of the hurricanes, I can't help but remember growing up in Yankeetown. I lived there from 1970/71 until 1986 on Magnolia Ave in the big stilt house on the river at the curve. It seemed we were ALWAYS having a hurricane come through. I finally hunted down some maps of hurricane tracks and their stories did not seem to match mine. Funny how your memory plays tricks on you. Does anyone remember Alaina? They evacuated the town for that one. I must have been about 14 so that would put it in 84 or 85? My dad, like most men around there, stayed with the house but my mom and my grandmothers and I left. I still remember half floating one of the cars off of Magnolia. Mr. Kennedy ran the Cypress Marina then and I remember seeing a clip on tv of him riding around in Alicia's little boat. He took milk to my dad in that boat, if I remember right. How is Yankeetown faring?

Gladys Crum (Sherwood)

2 October 2004 at 2322

How is Yankeetown

How is Yankeetown? Did I hear right that there was another flood? Did the hurricanes destroy anything major? Praying everyone is okay and that our hometown still looks pretty much the same. Marion County where I live now was hit pretty hard but almost everyone has electricity again and we've learned to appreciate the small things in life again.

Evelyn (Kennedy) Meeks

1 October 2004 at 1627

september 2004....will go down in history for florida.... we have been lucky so far...not much damage from hurricanes charley and frances...but this next one...Ivan ....looks know... Tell your hurricane story.... i hope that we all dont have any to tell tho about Ivan....

Sue Seely

11 September 2004 at 0207

Looking for Friends from Yankeetown School

I lived in Inglis/Yankeetown from the 1975-1987. Growing up in Yankeetown was great, I can remember field days, bike-a-thons, halloween carnivals, fireworks at the end of the road, swimming with the manatees in the Withlacoochee river, the spillway, Izaak Walton Lodge, the duck pond and when the Church of God did the baptisims there, but most of all friends. In those years everyone was friends there wasn't the separation of clicks (popular kids, geeks, rednecks, jocks) just friends. I am glad to hear how the town is growing, and was very happy to find this web site of my home town. To anyone who attended school from 1975-1983 I would like to hear from you please email me, lets talk about the good ol' days.

Sheila Hughes

13 July 2004 at 0847